Run SNPMeta Online

This site will allow you to run SNPMeta with queries of up to 20 SNPs, with default settings. This script only outputs in the default tabular output format. For larger numbers of queires or dbSNP submission reports, please download SNPMeta and run it locally. Information for downloading SNPMeta, including the user manual and companion scripts, is located here.

Our copy of NCBI's 'nt' is current as of May 28, 2013. We will update it periodically, but not on a regular basis.

Select the FASTA file containing the SNPs you wish to annotate. This server will only annotate a maximum of 20 SNPs at any one time. Enter the email address that will be sent with queries to NCBI. The results of annotation will also be sent to this email address. Enter the contextual sequence length of your SNPs. This will be be well-defined for SNPs from Illumina hybridization assays. If your SNPs come from dbSNP, or from GBS methods, then leave this field blank, and check the checkbox at the bottom of the form.

FASTA file:
E-mail address:
Contextual sequence length: